Powerful Testimonials 

Touching Lives with the Power of the Lord 

We have touched many lives in our struggle to win souls for the kingdom of heaven. Here, a few of them recall their journeys with powerful testimonials:

I’m Blessed! I use to run the streets livin’ for my flesh! But Now I’m reppin’ Christ and livin’ for da best! All Glory To JESUS CHRIST Our KING!!!!
 - Jesus Over Everything, Member

I am a Chosen Man of God! In this life, I am a Tier 2 Systems Admin for Verizon Corporate. I build mobile applications for Palm as well. God has blessed me with a beautiful woman whom I will wed on February 20th, 2011!!

If you need pc help, or a website, or a mobile app, I am always here to help!
 - Shaun Becker, Member

I am a man who loves the Lord. I enjoy walking with the Lord, hand in hand. I sometimes have a hard time hearing Him because I am always talking out of excitement (I have to train my mind to be still, I'm learning to do that). When I do hear Him, He comes in loud and very clear.

I never, ever, ever fail to feel, or see His love for me or others.

God has been Good! Hallelujah!
 - Joe Gonzales, Member

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